Turning Broken Bones into Dancing - A Journey through Life

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Welcome! Travel through these pages and you will journey through the life of an extraordinary individual, Dr. Edith Eva Eger, Ph.D. "Edie", as she is known to her friends, started off a normal life, just like most children. But then a nightmarish event altered the course of her life forever.

While she could have chosen to remain a permanent victim, she realized early on that true freedom can only be found by forgiving, letting go, and moving on. So Edie turned her life around and vigorously pursued a career in psychology. Combining this education and her own life experiences, she was determined to help others. And so she has! Helping others lead full lives by moving beyond their problems - no matter how insurmountable they think their problems are - has been her mission in life.

Have you ever wondered why some triumph over persecution and adversity while others fall to the wayside and become eternal victims? Life is about change, about evolving as a person, about moving forward, not standing still. Have you ever noticed that life often has a peculiar way of teaching us valuable lessons that later equip us for living a much fuller life? No matter how much you've suffered – inner freedom and self-renewal are within your reach. Sometimes a little guidance is all that is necessary.

Many people are not happy with where they are in their careers, their love lives, or their personal and family relationships. Yet they have great difficulty figuring out how to get from where they are today to where they want to be in the future. Dr. Eger excels at helping individuals and groups discard their limiting beliefs so they can unlock the true greatness that exists in each and every one of us. There is no magic solution and she can't do the work for you, but like a skilled navigator, she can lay out the road map and help you see how you can change your life to the one you've always dreamed of. As she often says, "I'm a stretch, not a shrink!"